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tour through Romandy

A Tour Through Romandy in Switzerland

Discovering Romandy in the south west part of Switzerland was an amazing experience. On this small piece of land, there is everything you can imagine when it comes to nature except for…a sea:) Beautiful lakes, snow white mountain peaks and great food.

Chaung Tha to Ngwe Saung by Motorbike

Discovering Myanmar’s West Coast by motorbike was an fun experience. On the 18 kilometre route between Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung you’ll cross three rivers, go along beaches, through jungle and some extremely remote areas. A true Burmese adventure!

Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart

Based on our recent travel experience, here is our review of the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

meet new friends in Vancouver

Vancouver is a busy, multi-cultural city with many people from all around the world. Based on my own experience from living in British Columbia for over half a year, here are 7 socializing tips on how to network and meet new friends in Vancouver.

Sunshine Coast Cycling

My Sunshine Coast Cycling Adventure

From Vancouver to Egmont, a total of 230 kilometers along the Sunshine Coast in B.C. Read about my Sunshine Coast Cycling Adventure.

Finding a job in Vancouver Canada

Based on my personal job search experience, here are some effective ways and my advice on finding a job in Vancouver, Canada.